Friday, September 24, 2010


My heart meds tend to make me quite tired. After my afternoon powernap, the kids had made me this delicious snack...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Summer '10

In July we had our first official Miller family reunion. We spent several days in Tamarack, Idaho at my sister Trina's cabin.

The Conders
The Millers

Our annual 24th of July camping trip with Brad's brother's family. This year was at a Jordanelle campground. Our site was beautiful - right on the river, but we had to set up our tents on platforms which was a pain, and also made sleeping a little more chilly.

These marshmallows were enormous

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Latest

It's been another long while since updating. Here are some of the latest from the Conder household.

1. Brad was able to spend an amazing several days heli-skiing in Valdez, Alaska. He is now hooked and can't wait for his next trip. He is in ski-withdrawl right now, and is anxious to get out on his mountain bike. For the moment he is injury free, and hopefully things will stay that way so that he doesn't lose out on another biking season.

2. In March I was able to travel to NYC with my mom and sisters to visit Melany. We had an unforgettable time! I got to meet Megan's sweet baby Claire who lives in Missouri. I'm hoping that the Miller Girl trips become at least an every couple of years tradition.

3. Elly lost both front teeth...finally! She also decided to give Irish dance a go this spring. She will be back in ballet for the summer, and we'll see where she ends up this fall.

4. Brooke broke her arm playing Tarzan and Jane on the shower curtain rod, which she found out isn't actually bolted to the wall. She will be performing--with cast and all--in a ballet performance of Copellia in a few weeks.

5. Ethan started preschool in February. He loves it! It is strange to be home alone after 9 years of almost-never alone. He loves to be outside on the neighbor's trampoline, and always wants friends over to play. He loves to be read to, and I love that about him.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Tonight Brad was saying bedtime prayers with Ethan. Part of Ethan's prayer went something like this:

Ethan: Please bless my body won't throw up.
After amen was said...
Brad: Please bless what won't throw up?
Ethan: (making invisible stripes with his finger across his tummy) the black pipes in here.


Thursday, December 17, 2009


Nutcracker rehearsals and performances have seemed to commandeer most of the last few months for the girls. They don't complain and they love it. I love it as well. It's fun to watch them grow and improve. Only 2 more performances to go!

The Angels

Party Girls
The party girl hair has proved to be quite a challenge...

Built-In Babysitting

We have recently used Brooke as a babysitter, which we love. When we got home last time she babysat the dishes were done and the washing machine was running. We were super proud of her. Now don't worry, we were on dates at friends homes on our same street, so we weren't too far away. Plus we get this as well on our return:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm Thankful.

I love this time of year. I enjoy being able to reflect on the things that I'm grateful for, the things that my family has been blessed with, and even the challenges we've faced. So many of these things are so small, and maybe even seem trite to others.

On my mind lately is the birth of Ethan four years ago yesterday. It was the day before Thanksgiving. (Many of you know this already, but I'm recording this more for my own sake.) I had been on bed-rest for just over a month. During that month I was on meds that made my body constantly feel like I was on a caffeine high, making it difficult to rest. My mind and thoughts were foggy from the meds, and the little baby inside me was restless. I wasn't due until January 5th, so I understood the seriousness of the situation we were in. Our daughter Elly also was preterm. Born at 35 weeks. I was only 33. I figured if I made it just a few more weeks, then we would be out of the any real danger or complications. Unfortunately, on the night of the 22nd, I began losing amniotic fluid. We knew I had to deliver within 24 hours. I had feelings of panic for our unborn child. I also knew that we fortunately live in a time where there was so much that could be done medically to save pre-mature babies. For that knowledge I was very grateful.

On the evening of the 23rd, around 10:30pm, little Ethan was born. Seven weeks early. Five pounds, ten ounces. A giant preemie. Although his size was in his favor, his little lungs were not ready to breathe on their own. The doctors did what they could from AF Hospital, but after surfactant treatments, and other treatments that he could get from that particular NICU, he wasn't responding well. He was transported to UVRMC in Provo, where he was hooked up to an oscillating respirator. I said goodbye from my hospital bed around 2 am, not having been able to hold my baby. It was torture for me. The most I could do was stroke his tiny body from the small window of an incubator. He was connected to so many IV's and tubes. He looked very peaceful and comfortable, and to me that was such a blessing. I kept remembering how so many mothers left hospitals without their babies at all, and I knew that I was VERY lucky. He was in extremely capable hands. So Thanksgiving that year was spent a little unconventionally. Brad was at the hospital with Ethan, and communicating with me as much as possible on Ethan's progress/setbacks. I was able to rest well. I think Miracle on 34th street was being played continuously throughout the day. I probably slept most of the day. I hadn't really slept soundly for over a month. The sleep was bliss, and kept me from worried thoughts.

But Ethan rallied. He was the little giant in the NICU. He was home for Christmas that year. He stayed on oxygen for his first 4 months. And as many of you know, his lungs work just fine! I often look at him in wonder. I know that the prayers of friends and family, desperate parents, and a priesthood blessing from his father, grandfather, and uncles did not go unanswered.