Friday, April 23, 2010

The Latest

It's been another long while since updating. Here are some of the latest from the Conder household.

1. Brad was able to spend an amazing several days heli-skiing in Valdez, Alaska. He is now hooked and can't wait for his next trip. He is in ski-withdrawl right now, and is anxious to get out on his mountain bike. For the moment he is injury free, and hopefully things will stay that way so that he doesn't lose out on another biking season.

2. In March I was able to travel to NYC with my mom and sisters to visit Melany. We had an unforgettable time! I got to meet Megan's sweet baby Claire who lives in Missouri. I'm hoping that the Miller Girl trips become at least an every couple of years tradition.

3. Elly lost both front teeth...finally! She also decided to give Irish dance a go this spring. She will be back in ballet for the summer, and we'll see where she ends up this fall.

4. Brooke broke her arm playing Tarzan and Jane on the shower curtain rod, which she found out isn't actually bolted to the wall. She will be performing--with cast and all--in a ballet performance of Copellia in a few weeks.

5. Ethan started preschool in February. He loves it! It is strange to be home alone after 9 years of almost-never alone. He loves to be outside on the neighbor's trampoline, and always wants friends over to play. He loves to be read to, and I love that about him.

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Megan said...

I didn't know that Brooke had a broken arm!! I remember learning the same surprising lesson about the shower rod, fortunately mine didn't result in broken limb..just a sore bottom.